Poem: Heavy Rain …a Haiku

The heavy rain falls
Washing away pettiness
Floods our homes with love

About the poem:
Heavy flooding near my city today is affecting friends and my Colorado neighbors. As bad as it gets, what mostly surfaces is love and caring. The more damage to personal property and the more risk, the more generous people are.  And the more people focus on the value of relationships and each other, rather than things.

People who are out walking help sandbag. Those with heavy-duty vehicles drive others. And people offer their dry homes to friends and strangers.

In the midst of the uncertainty and damage, what I see people doing bolsters my faith in humanity’s basic goodness. And that’s good news.

To follow the weather, search for “News Boulder County Colorado flooding”.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Heavy Rain …a Haiku

    • My first week in Samcheonpo there was a typhoon with heavy rains, but quickly finished. We are a high mountain desert so rain does create havoc, especially when it continues like this! Thank you!!!

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