Poem: The Difference between Stuff and Love

We spend our days
Making stuff
Buying stuff
Selling stuff
Doing stuff

But stuff
And goes

While the love we made
The days we played
The love we gave
The love we got
Can’t be sold
Can’t be bought

The stuff will rot
The love will not

The love
Goes on

About the poem:
Heavy flooding continues in Colorado, sweeping destruction on one city after another.  Story after story shows the loss of property, and a few lives too! Inconvenience, hassle, inability to stay in homes, or operate business are causing huge amounts of problems. But, stories of firefighters rescuing little girls, neighbors helping each other, and the kindness of strangers also abound.

A newspaper headline showed a quote saying, “This has ruined our lives.”  This. This. This is not true.

Yes, it is a disaster in many ways. But losing external stuff does not change the value of a person, and thus the value of their lives.

Of course, it sounds unsympathetic to say this. But, it is true. And the longer we live, the more we know it is true. That, as people go through very difficult times, losing all the stuff, business, and tools they once had, losing their health, and eventually we lose each other, but what is left is the beautiful essence of the person. That can never be washed away. That can never be a disaster.

About the author:
Joan writes to remind you (and sometimes herself) to enjoy life every day, to see every day as a gift, and to learn from each other how to live a more purposeful, passionate life. Books on Amazon and Kindle!

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