Poem: What Will You Do?

2013-09-14 14.35.33

Oh Mother Nature
What will you do?
Will you spare us
Or pour down on us, too?

About the poem:
Each day for the past three days,  a new group of Colorado cities have been dumped on. It’s a strange thing to, on one hand, go about your daily business, and on the other hand, keep an eye out to the sky, wondering what is next.

The answer then, is to go about your business, doing our best with what is in front of us, while being grateful for all we have, busy for what we can do for others, and accepting of what we are and aren’t in control of.

This photo was taken around 2 pm in Denver, in the Congress Park neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Poem: What Will You Do?

    • Today, there was flash flooding just five miles east of us, and five miles south of us. So, you really never do know! Again, it makes you thankful for every day.
      Thanks so much Bharati for your insights!

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