Poem: I Can’t Trust You …talking to the clouds #Coloradoflood

2013-09-15 Clouds on highway

This is a photo of the sky today in Denver.

Just last week
You were puffy and light
Spunky and white
Decorations on
A blue background
Like a kindergartner
On her first day

A week later
Now you are grey
Dark grey and darker
Heavy streaks of gloomy
Heavy layers looming

And now
I can’t trust you
I cock my head and squint
But you give no hint
Will it be light rain
Or utter destruction?

I study you
But I can’t trust you

Grey sky
Go away
Find that blue and white dress
Let’s play
And let me trust you again

About the poem:
Beginning on Thursday, floods hit Colorado, flooding one city after another, day after day. It was strange because it moved around, sometimes hitting as constant rain that wouldn’t stop, other times it appeared as flash flooding for an hour of hail. So, we’re about ready for it all to be over.  But as I said before, it’s been remarkable how a natural disaster brings out the best in people. And so even though the damage is shocking, the kindness and generosity is overwhelming, more powerful than any disaster.

2013-09-06 Longmont Clouds

On September 6, I took this photo in Longmont, Colorado, the city that is now recovering from last week’s 500-year flood. And we didn’t suspect a thing.

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