Poem: One-Woman Internet

2013-08-05 front porch

Need some wheels
Searching for some deals
Need a place to rent
Find some sponsors for your event

Dead-ends with Craigslist
No luck with Google or Yahoo
No one is favoriting your tweets?
What can you do?

Don’t despair
The woman with silver hair
Has social networks extraordinaire

Your problems will be solved
In one visit I bet
Just chat with
The one-woman internet

Be careful though
Things could spiral
Any tidbit you share
Will go viral

But when you need something fast
Don’t get upset
Don’t sweat
Just sit on the front porch
With the one-woman internet

About the poem:

My mom has had a reputation as being well-connected: equally at ease at the soup kitchen and the country club. In the past week, her networking skills make Google and Craigslist look like amateurs. I’m learning about social networking from a mastermind.

The main thing is that she really does care, and that is the basis of effective, trusting relationships, anywhere on any level. This is a lesson that holds true on the front porch and on the internet!

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