Poem: Sticky Note in the Sky …a Haiku

Full moon up so high
A sticky note in the sky
Reminder: We die.

About the poem:
Walking home from my favorite writing spot, a coffee shop, again, the moon walked me home. Tonight, I was struck by how predictable, beautiful and tenacious the moon is. And in comparison, I felt how short term everything else was that I saw: telephone poles, wires strung across the street, buildings, trash cans, cars, paved roads and parking lots. I was struck by the contrast in longevity between the moon and all of this that will last 100 years or less, including us.

It isn’t morose to be reminded that we all will die. It’s a wake-up call to remind us that we are alive. So what will we do with that gift? How will we live to the fullest today?

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