Poem: As Summer Meets Fall


The red watermelon fruit
The lettuce, limes and cucumber
Look beautiful
All gathered together
And saying goodbye
Against a backdrop of
Yellows and oranges leaves
Leaning in the cool breeze
As summer meets fall

About the poem:
Well, that watermelon has been sitting there for a few days now so it was ready. I started by throwing a cucumber, a few slices of lime in the blender with just enough water to make it go. Added a bunch of red lettuce. Strained the whole thing through our newest strainer (a hair net …new, don’t panic!) Then added the entire half of watermelon’s juicy red chunks in there.

When I went out to take a photo, the apple trees leaves made the perfect backdrop. The hot days earlier this week, were replaced by today’s brisk, invigorating but almost chilly wind. Hello Autumn! Thinking of stickin’ around this time?

What a moment of bliss, savoring a summer fruit smoothie, knowing that fall is on the way!

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