Poem: The Magic Word

2013-09-22 Marigold and Bee

If I am complaining,
I am not thankful.
But when I am thankful,
I am not complaining.

What else can instantly transform
Needy and whiny
To awe and joy?
Thank you
Is the magic word

About the poem:
We teach our kids to say Please and Thank You, by saying, “What’s the magic worrrr-rd?”
Please makes a request kinder, so it’s helpful. But Thank You outranks it. It’s not important who you thank for what. Thank your spouse. Thank a stranger. Feel thankful for all the big things we might otherwise take for granted: our health, our eyesight, our left pinkie knuckle, our kids, our job, our friends, flowers and bees. Thankfulness is magical!

Gratitude is the focus of a chapter in my book, Tuning In to Inner Peace. It’s important and ridiculously easy to incorporate into every step of your day.

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