Poem: Switch Jerseys …it’s just a game

2013-09-25 Playing Soccer at Congress Park (6)


Play hard
Have fun
Then mix up the teams
Switch jerseys
Play again

About the poem:

Do you have a friend that you do activities with? You know that if you play tennis or Scrabble with her, it’s not important who wins. It’s that you hung out together.

Why is life any different than that?

I took this photo yesterday as I walked through Congress Park, near my mom’s house, where we played as kids. I saw the kids playing a practice game (‘scrimmage’), and after one play, the coach stopped the game, and told one kid to switch jerseys with another. Then the game continued. How many problems could we solve in life if we could simply understand the other team’s perspective, and play well with anyone. Then, without any drama, switch jerseys.



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