Poem: Giving Coffee a Break

2013-10-03 Giving Coffee a Break Green Juice (2)

Apple, cucumber, kale
Blend and strain
Giving coffee a break
Green juice for my brain

About the poem:
I do drink coffee. But I also make fresh juice. It’s so dang easy to make: throwing ingredients in blender with just enough water to make them go, then straining (through a paint strainer bag, reusable produce shopping bag or a piece of nylon mesh). It is a nice break from coffee, when I remembered that I’d brought juice to work!

Finding new ways to fit self care into your day is Job #1 if you want to be a powerful force for good. Green juice is just one easy way to do that. What did you do today for self care?


2 thoughts on “Poem: Giving Coffee a Break

  1. Self care? Nothing yet…hmm…
    I need to take a rest because I woke too early in the morning and had to cook for my son.
    So I will go to sleep earlier than common for my self care.

    • Aha, I hope you got some rest! It is essential to take loving care of ourselves, just as we do for others. Of course, if we neglect ourselves, we will soon fail to be any value to others or ourselves!
      Take care my friend! with love!

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