Poem: Good Morning


When you wake up
Head to toe, you’re already sweating
Though the fan blew all night
Through the mosquito netting

When I wake up
My nose is cold and my cheeks are red
I’m deeply huddled
Beneath the quilts  on my bed

When I wake up
I think of you…
Good morning!

And possibly
You think of me…
Good morning!

And at sunrise
As the sun brushes the skies
I don’t feel worlds apart
I feel words together

It’s yet another
Good morning

About the poem:
As a friend and I talked by skype, it was stunning to see how different our lives are, and yet we are so comfortably linked.

It is this feeling that is the natural state of love. It’s available in all of our interactions, if we allow it. The kind of connection that allows for distance and closeness, constancy and change, predictability and flexibility, in a balance that ebbs and flows with ease.

6 thoughts on “Poem: Good Morning

  1. Thanks Joan, yes we are all somewhat still not that far apart.
    I once had a Kindergarten student write in his journal about me.
    He said I come to school by airplane.
    You know if that were possible I think I would remain in Korea for a very long time.
    Korea might possibly even become my home.

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