Poem: Generous Love

The one that says, “I love you”
Without needing to hear it back
The one that says, “I miss you”
Without caring if you miss him

The one that says, “I wish you the best”
And means it
Even as you are leaving him

The one who does not require your touch
Does not require you to be a lover

The one who keeps giving
With no strings attached

And after giving some
Gives joyfully again
The generous love

About the poem:
Living in foreign countries, I’ve always found those few people that just love me completely. Even though they know they will soon lose me …that is, when I’m there, I count on them to help me through difficult times with my poor language skills. Then, I leave. It is these cool people that I can never forget, because even after I’m gone, and my time away seems like a foggy memory, I can still feel strongly their generous love.

This again proves that ‘things’ come and go, but love is what goes on. Love is what everything is all about. It’s what we’re supposed to figure out how to do well. And generous love is the top …being able to love expecting nothing in return. This is the real love.

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