Poem: Moonglow …standing under October’s full moon

Waking up suddenly
I wonder
Did I miss you
I fell asleep in my clothes
I look a mess
But you won’t care
I throw on a down vest
And creep upstairs
I slide open the door
And step outside
Into the night
I crunch across the yard
Carpet of yellow brown leaves
Sparkle with a hint of frost
Then a few more steps
And I can see you
Full and hanging brightly
In the middle of a startling clear sky
Orion and the Seven Sisters
Are on the sidelines
You’re the star now
I stand in the yard
Soaking you in
You’re the only one
That can see me
Shining back to you

3 thoughts on “Poem: Moonglow …standing under October’s full moon

  1. I seem to be standing in your yard and looking the full moon! So cool!
    Anyway, what is the ‘moonglow’ , Joan? It is like a moonbow?

    • Ah, moonglow has two meanings. First, it is like sunshine… the light that we see from the moon. Second, it is a feeling that we have called moonglow, that describes how we feel under the moon.

      Yes, I like it that you and I can see the same moon, I’m sending it over to you now! haha

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