Poem: Dance Battle

2013-10-19 Breakin Battle DSC03396

You wanna fight?
Let’s do it right!
Bring it!
Listen to the music
And wing it
Get your body moving
And fling it
I can dance
Can you?
I can spin
And groove.
Shake it
Now break it
Let’s battle!

About the poem:
Saturday I went to a breakdance battle, hosted at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I love this competition: young, old, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, male, female. Everyone there is encouraging each other and going for their personal best. Each battle starts with one team vs another. They begin usually by hugging each other. Then they battle. They listen to the music and have to improvise their moves to fit it as they go. They take turns. At the end, the judges vote. Then everyone cheers. The teams hug each other, and it’s on to the next battle.

What a world this would be if we could somehow solve all our conflicts by something as cool as breakdance battles!



5 thoughts on “Poem: Dance Battle

  1. Awesome! Gorgeous! Great! Wonderful! Fantastic!!!

    And So beautiful~♥

    The battle is real but not real.

    I wish more people can read this posting and share.

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