Poem: Stretch Break

2013-10-16 Dexter and Leaves (21)
After sitting for a long while
My back and shoulders
Get stiff
So I take a stretch break
Releasing any pain
Clearing any blockages
I am free again

After working for a little while
My ideas and focus
Get dull
So I take a stretch break
Working out the kinks
Letting the energy flow, and
I am energized

If I fall in a rut
Too much sitting on my butt
My passion
Can die down
So I try something new
Something hard for me to do
Breaking out of my comfortable place
Hoping for success
Allowing failure
I am flexible and free

About the poem:
Have you hread: ‘Sitting’ is the new “Smoking’. Taking mini-stretch breaks throughout the day feels great and keeps it easy for me to focus. In my life too, doing something that is a stretch, also keeps me flexible and feeling good!

This is a photo of our cat Dexter last week. Just a sweet moment as he got up and stretched, on the railing of the deck.

3 thoughts on “Poem: Stretch Break

  1. This is great and so true. Need to stretch more at school. I once worked for a company that encouraged it. They hired a Fitness Consultant to come in once a week and have us do two stretch breaks a day. Volunteer offcourse. The lady was so good and she believed it helped that she elected stretch coordinators for the other days to lead us when she was not there. Stretch coordinators were employees of the company. I used to do one day, it was fantastic.

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