Poem: Not Small Y’all

You are certain
That life is small
But I know
That isn’t true
You pound your fist
But I can not agree with you

I won’t argue about it
But if you ask me what to do
I’m gonna tell you
Life is not small y’all

If you can just
Look up from the tediousness
And frustrations
Of your needlepoint
You’ll see what I see
You’ll see that an eagle
Is swooping in
To carry you
On a flight
Of majesty
Over the snow-capped mountains
And lush green fields
After which
You will be
Permanently changed
For the better

Life is not small y’all

About the poem:
I am honored to have a few friends that I mentor. As I did for the first four decades of life, they spend a lot of time worried about the future, concerned about making bad decisions, afraid that they will guess wrong about their investments and careers. I can’t tell you what to do, but I do know that life is big. When we keep our head down fretting, we are missing the really big beautiful things life has waiting for us.

On the other hand…
I went to a show by Horse & Cart tonight at Paris on the Platte. Here Sean Paul Mahoney and others had written, created, dreamed up stuff, stood up and performed stuff that was sheer bravery in action …now that’s living big!

3 thoughts on “Poem: Not Small Y’all

  1. Great… poem… A long time ago Japanese famous empor “Tokugawa ieyas”
    He said… Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden…

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