Poem: Wondering When

Was that a drip I just felt?
Or am I just imagining?
Does today’s headache
Mean tomorrow’s flow?
Is that cramping I feel?
Does it signal a go?

SInce the age of thirteen
I spent my days
Wondering when

In the back of my mind
I can’t forget it
It keeps coming up
Every month or so
To remind me

Can you imagine
Not knowing when
Your body would start oozing red

What can we do?
We can guesstimate
And estimate
But we never know

From the age of thirteen
We spend our days
Wondering when

About the poem:
To be a woman is to be blessed with the ability to have a child, to have a vagina and a uterus and all kinds of magical properties. And whether you think the menstrual cycle is a blessing or a curse, one thing is sure, many of us females don’t know exactly when our periods will start.

I have now not had a period for about one full year. And though, I’ve had some false starts, I think this time my periods are through. It’s a relaxing feeling to not have that nagging question …when? Maybe some women do know. But my friend and I were talking today, and she said she too never knew when. So that’s at least two of us, who went  through a total of 80 years, wondering when! It’s just something women do, and I wanted to share this feeling with the other half … men!

2 thoughts on “Poem: Wondering When

  1. That’s such a different experience than I had. I am one for marking things on a calendar, so it wasn’t long after mine began that I noticed they began exactly 31 days after the start date a month ago. I’d just mark the next month’s ‘event’ so I knew when it was coming. So my time was spent wondering about other stuff. J

    Love, Nikki

    Nikki Magnie


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