Poem: You Die

Beep beep beep
We apologize for this interruption
Stay tuned for an important announcement
Beep beep beep
Please note
You will die
Yes, you!
You die
Please proceed to live
Beep beep beep
We now return you
To your regular programming

About the poem:
When someone near to us dies, we are faced with death head on. For a moment, then we turn back to our other stuff. Again and again, we wake up to realize the face me and you will die. But really, it seems we can only hold onto it for a moment. Then we return to our regular programming.

Talking about death is not morbid. It is the way to remember the importance of life.

Finally, when I taught in Korea and we played games, I would threaten that I would win. They would respond, No, you die! So, I chose that for the title of today’s poem. Whether in a game or in real life, remember, you die, so please live accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Poem: You Die

    • Most of us think of this only with our card games. We forget, oh actually, we all will die. How can we forget this …I do not know! Well, today we live. So, let’s enjoy writing and life together Bharati!

    • Ha! Really! Wow, thank you for your comment. Yeah, I think I need a sticky note on my bathroom mirror with this note. I’m not sure how I’m able to forget it so quickly, so often, every day! Thank you dear one 🙂

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