Poem: After the bell

What can not be done
In life
By life
May be done
After death
By death
There is still
One more round
After the bell

About the poem:
Strange, sad, funny how a death can bring people together. How they can overcome in an instant what tore them apart for decades. How death brings meaning to life.

4 thoughts on “Poem: After the bell

      • Ah… Absolutely I choice Love~! Kk
        Recently I think much about death… because I have to take care two young sons…
        Children needs so much love from both parents
        Every moments we face any dangerous event although I don’t want…
        As you know I had a accident so my car have been repairing .

      • Love goes on. We don’t have to spend our lives worrying what if… Instead, we just need to be loving in the moment. If we have another day, great. if not, it will be okay. Because love goes on. Take time to love, and then you will never have to worry about the future, because love goes on. haha!!! get it? it’s easy!

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