Poem: A Kid, A River …kids and nature are a perfect fit!

2013-11-10 Boulder Creek Ducks and River (31)

A kid
A river
An hour or two
Is enough of  a plan
Is plenty to do

About the poem:
Sometimes, it’s hard to get kids out of the house. Away from the computer, the TV, the phone, friends, and the responsibilities. But when we do, it’s so valuable. There is no way to catalog the bazillions of ways that nature is a healer. But you feel it when you go. As parents and adults in kids’ lives, let’s make it a priority to spend time with kids in nature.

This photo was taken at Boulder Creek, near the library. It was so fun to watch the various kids run up to the water’s edge and play. My favorite was a little 3-year-old boy on a little pre-bike who rode right up to the water’s edge, dropped his ‘bike’ and ran to the ducks. His shirt said, “Catch me if you can,” and his grandma tried to.


5 thoughts on “Poem: A Kid, A River …kids and nature are a perfect fit!

  1. Yes~♥
    It is very natural view~
    And they don’t need anything and they have no time to be bored.
    Because there are so many thing to do.
    And I am just happy looking them.kk

  2. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. They easily love a lot of things, even rain, I actually don’t mind rain as long as I am dressed for it, and it is not too heavy. I was happy our area does not get that heavy rain.

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