Poem: Arrows that you Sling

2013-04-07 10.50.38 Cherry Blossoms on Steps

Are those arrows that you sling
With careful focusing
Aimed to harm lives
Or do you simply
At juggling knives
No matter
No splatter
I have superpowers
You know not of
Weapons flying in
Warp in a shield of love
To a clear mind
It ain’t no thang
I transform them
Not into a boomerang
But cherry blossom petals
That line my way
That spell out
A blessing to you
And sprinkle beauty
On my day

About the poem:
Some people say things to us that really aren’t nice. This happened to me today.
Oh well. That’s their business. I don’t know why they say it, what they really meant, if they were trying to be nice, if they’re emotionally disturbed, or how they were raised. I know everyone is doing their best, so why get mad or take offense.

I just know that if I meet their words with a pause, then acceptance, then love and compassion, I’m okay. As we used to say: Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me! (unless I choose to let them do so)

Still, it’s the acceptance part that guides us to seek out positive, encouraging people that propel us on to our dreams, and not continually delivering ourselves to the demands of the negative nelly’s of the world.

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