Poem: Forgiveness is yours when you choose it

2013-11-10 Boulder Creek Ducks and River (4)

Forgiveness is not fixing a relationship
It’s not negotiation
It’s not mending torn fences
It’s not striking a deal

Forgiveness is yours
Whenever you choose it
It’s the color of your heart
When you have erased all hate
It’s the lost key, found
That opens your prison gate
It’s the casting off
Of a web of confusion
It’s a new perspective
Free of delusion
It’s easy deep breathing
That frees your chest
It’s the acceptance
Of other’s doing their best

Relationships take two
But forgiveness takes only one
When you’re ready
Forgiveness is yours
When you choose it

About the poem:

There is a very subtle but important difference between having a good relationship and having a positive feeling about someone. Sometimes you do not want to sever, but you also know by now that your counterpart is not up to having a healthy relationship with you or maybe anyone. What can you do? Forget about having a perfect relationship. That takes teamwork and you can’t control half of your team. Instead, focus on accepting that they’re doing their best and forgive them. Tomorrow, you’ll probably have to do it again. Get used to it. You’ll look forward to forgiving them (and yourself), because you’ll feel perfectly at peace and thereby know you’re doin’ good!

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