Poem: I Don’t Understand You

You vex me, you perplex me
But anymore you don’t upset me
I love you

I don’t understand you
I might not recommend doing what you do
But I love you

It’s like you’re from another culture, but you’re not
It’s like we’re different genders, but that’s not true
It’s like we grew up in different cities, but we didn’t
It’s like we don’t have anything in common, but we do
It’s like we’re from different families

I really don’t understand you
But I do love you

About the poem:

Any psy 101 class will teach you that if you have problems between yourself and your mom or dad, you will manifest those in the rest of your life. We don’t need to understand, concur or stamp with a seal of approval any one else’s life in order to love them completely. Finding ways to accept and love those closest to us, though they vex us, is a source of healing that is at our fingertips.

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