Poem: Lavender Bubble Bath

Key in the door
I don’t want any more
My face is frozen
My muscles are clenched
Dropping my clothes
And the haunting of the bitter cold
Hot water fills the tub
Lavender oil and bubbles
Dissolve all my troubles

About the poem:
It does not seem to be able to get up to 20F here in Boulder County, Colorado this week! When I go out, I do have to brace myself for the cold. But once I’m inside, I can let go. Taking a hot lavender bubble bath slows my heart rate down and warms me head to toe.

By learning how to release physical stress, we are learning how to maintain our parasympathetic system…that part that takes care of the important foundation functions of our health: Rest and Digest.

What do you do to slow down and release physical stress? And how is your weather? 🙂

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