Poem: Flannel Snowflakes

Puffy comforter floats
On a flannel snowflake sheet
My tired, used body
My shoulders, hands, and feet
Rest on a quilted Korean mat
With a magic touch: heat!

About the poem:
As I write, it is 9F…still cold here in Longmont, Colorado! But I am so thankful for my warm bed: a Korean sleeping pad, covered by a quilted mat that has electric heat. This simulates my sleeping arrangement last year in Korea, where heated floors is the norm, and people sleep on a mat on the floor. I love that sleeping more directly on the ground, than on a bed. So I am happy! Goodnight!

2 thoughts on “Poem: Flannel Snowflakes

  1. Yes~ when I went to America I also brought the electric mat but it was not match elextric power socket. In Korea we use 220V but In America 110 V so I had to use it with transformer~^^ kk
    It is so useful in this cold season ~^^

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