Poem: Christmas Without You


I can’t put up the same lights this year
But no lights?
Well that doesn’t seem right either.

The cards I’m sending are Thank You’s
Not Merry Christmas.
And when I sign
I have to stop myself
Before the ampersand.

I can’t say it gets easier
Just maybe sometimes I get better
Sometimes it’s not a shock
Bit by bit
I make a pile of cards
Reindeer stamps and poinsettias
Memories, theirs, mine, you, them, us

The box arrived from your brother
Cheese and chocolate as always
This year
The box is smaller
My tears splat
And soak into the cardboard.

Merry Christmas Babe
Be with me
Stay in my heart.
Your lingering smile
That meanders through ours
Is gonna be
My Christmas spirit this year

Be with me
Stay in my heart
I don’t want to face
Christmas without you

Stay in my heart
Be with me

About the poem:
When your sweet lover dies, I imagine that it’s his love that you both miss and feel. Especially at Christmas. All my love to those who are going through their first Christmas after the death of a loved one.

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