Poem: Santa Did Not Find Them


In one house
The cat got a new mouse
Handsewn with buttons and lace
And strings and fancy things
And a new dish and a bag of gourmet treats

Elsewhere a little girl goes hungry
Santa did not find her

In one house
The dog got a sweater
And a shiny new bowl
And three new balls to play with
And a big bone to chew on

Elsewhere a little boy will wear his tattered clothes one more year
Santa did not find him

Isn’t there a way
Aren’t there
A million ways
To share more
As we teach the little girls and little boys
That is so important to do

Can’t we figure out
A million ways
To share more?

About the poem:
Talking to a friend from Ghana, who is seeing Christmas for the first time in the West, we are trying to make sense of the great disparity of material wealth. And can’t.

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