Poem: Can’t Find Shit


I can’t find shit
So I can’t make things better
Until I clean up this shit
I can’t get my shit together

It’s time
To sort through this shit
And throw shit away

Being disorganized
doesn’t make me cool
I’m not a rebel without a cause
Just a dork without a filing system

I want to get started
Doing cool shit today
Want to make a fresh start
And pave a brand new way

But I can’t find shit

About the poem:
For a long time, being messy felt rebellious and creative. I’ve flipped my thinking about this. I noticed that people who actually do really cool shit tend to be very well organized and disciplined.

After moving and the holidays, I got my paperwork all sorted and filed. Today, it was so dang easy to make a few calls about financial stuff when things were so well organized. Feeling very organized and very cool. 😉

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