Poem: What you’re wondering …a Haiku about the value of poetry


What you’re wondering
What you’re pondering, writing
Is enough to share

About the poem:

Open mic is a really thrilling experience. It’s one thing for experienced performers to get up and perform. It’s an entirely different part of the spectrum to hear someone say:

  • Only six people have ever heard this song I wrote, that I’m now going to perform; or
  • I wrote this poem when I lived out of my car for three months; or
  • I wrote this song to bring some solace to a friend who was the driver in an auto accident where others were hurt

This! This is powerful stuff. And the atmosphere of encouragement to share, not be perfect, but share is what makes a good Open Mic, excellent. As it was tonight at La Bella Vita where I also got to perform some poems.

I hope to be there lots of Thursdays!

What scary, creative thing are you up to these days? Do tell!

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