Poem: Ants …the Lint of Life in the Tropics


Ants, ants, everywhere
One just landed in my hair
Some ants ferociously
Attack my toes
While others casually
Walk across my nose
Red ants, black ants, flying ants
Bullet ants and tiny ants
Ants swarming a crumb on the floor
Ants parading in the front door
Ants walk the clothesline
Like a tightrope
Ants in the shower
Ants on the soap
Ants in the cup
Ants on the plate
Ants get up early
And they stay up late
You can spray them
You can wipe them
You can give them a whack
But give them a minute
And they’ll be right back

About the poem:
I wrote this poem on July 24, 1995 when we were living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Sending this with love to my family that is back there now!

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