Poem: Layers of time



Wandering in the trees
Trying to read the signs
Layers below
Generations before
Layers of lines
Layers of times
Lands before time
What we  think we see
Wandering in the trees
On layers of lines

Leap off the earth
Land on a cloud
Open your mind
Be redefined

About the poem:
On Wednesday, I was meeting my sister at the park and ride in Morrison. This gorgeous geological slice of time has been part of my childhood. We would see it as we headed to the mountains, and oftentimes exclaim and wonder, what is it? Dad would start to explain and we would promptly forget.

As we navigate our problems, oftentimes, what we think is the problem is not really it. It’s the layers below, the generations before, that have set up our current challenges. We can move beyond them, but we need to realize that this is century, or maybe millenium-long stuff we are dealing with. Our current challenges are not that personal, but it is big. And it is personal in that one open-minded, dedicated individual can make a big change in a family’s evolution. You, perhaps?


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