Poem: Swept Away

2014-03-14 Boulder Creek Post Flood




I see the flood
And the grub
And the hay
On the way
And the river that was
A dinosaur on crack
With a thwack
And a smack
For a day
In a day
So much gone

The drama of a regular day
Stuff springing up
Taking over
And it’s hard to look up
When I’m just scrambling
Figuring it out
Digging it out
But when it all gets swept away
In a single day
I see the flood
And the mud
And I pray
That every day
I will look up
Look away
That I will remember
That my projects have deadlines
But so do I
That all that stuff
That I’m building and buying
And washing and drying
Gets swept away
In the twinkle of an eye
And the twinkling of love
Is all that’s left
When it all
Gets swept away

About the poem:

This picture was taken on our walk last weekend near a creek in Boulder. Devastation happens to stuff and things that can be lost in a second or a day. Love just goes on. It’s a great investment, even in a floodplain!

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