Poem: Above It All

wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-29-14.47.04.jpg.jpg wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-29-14.47.32.jpg.jpg wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-29-14.52.07.jpg.jpg
Saturday morning
I’m zipping around
Ticking off errands
The post office and the grocery store
The hardware store, the mall
Checking my watch
When I look up
The Rocky Mountains
Won’t let me forget them
Wherever I go
They stand
Above it all

About the poem:
The number of ways that nature heals us and centers us is innumerable. One sure way is to contrast the consumeristic stew that we live in, in our cities, with nature’s self-sustaining cycles of life.

When I moved to Korea and lived in Busan, it was the first time that my daily view (other than the sky) was primarily manmade. I often felt lost and didn’t realize the grounding power of nature that I’d grown up with and become accustomed to in Colorado. I notice and thank the mountains for constantly reminding me how short our time is here. This sense of geological time helps put my to-do list into perspective and focus on the important things in life. Namely, love in it’s many forms.

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