Poem: Karmic Inspiration Cycles


A short burst of energy
A courageous act of self expression
The freedom of being authentic
Spreads through the room
Seeming unforgettable
But forgotten overnight

In the morning
Baggy eyes, tired
Feeling uninspired

I find the note I was handed:
You inspired me
To pick up the pen
To start writing again

Reading this
In turn
Inspires me
To be brave

About the poem:
It’s surprising to me how many times this happens. A friend invited me to a spoken word contest. I invited her to join our book. When the book was fading, she delivered a contribution that energized the group. That book spurred her to start a blog, and on and on it goes.

If you want to be inspired, do something brave for even a tiny moment, and it will come back to supercharge you. Not sure how that all works, but sure it does!

The friend I met last night decided to take up the challenge of writing a poem a day for April National Poetry Month through the National Poetry Writing Month (http://napowrimo.net). He was inspired by my story, which the open mic host then made as a challenge to the audience. He and six or seven others accepted the challenge. And dang it, if hearing that, didn’t inspire me to go for it in April 2014, as I had in April 2013. See? See how it works!

And you, my love?

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