Poem: Someone opens the door …asking for help is the first step


Suffering in silence
Locked in my own prison
When I finally call out for help
Someone opens the door
Happy to see me
And light floods in

About the poem:
Each person has their list of self-debilitating habits that crop up over time due to ignorance, conditioning, trauma or who knows why. But it’s safe to say that there are areas of our lives where we will need help. We can’t turn to the same people again and again, who may in part be creating or unaware of our difficulties. We need to find someone new to help us.

I’ve been going to some new nutrition therapists and it’s so cool. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping people, but until we ask, they are just ready and waiting for us. And then it feels so good to be in that intersection of humbling yourself and allowing them to help.

And when we ask for help, people are waiting there.

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