Poem: Sell the House


2014-04 LG (164) Boulder Creek
Sell the house
Buy a river

Sell the house
Buy some clouds

Sell the house
Buy a mountain

Sell the house
Buy the beach

Downsize your home
Upsize your life

Sell the house

About the poem:
Yesterday was my day off, before my weekend! That really helps. I have one day to run around and do silly errands, shop, and go here and there. And time for self care. Like just sitting by the river talking to ducks and little kids, haha.

Look around your house? Is it a place of peace? Does it enable you to have time to enjoy your life? Or does it require that you work so much, that you can’t? I hear the housing market is up… 🙂

Congratulations to my friends Danny and Carol who recently upsized their lives! Yahoo!

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