If he did come back
What would Jesus eat?
Would he eat sushi? bacon? meats?
Would he gorge on sweets?
Would he choose organic?
Would GMOs make him manic?
Would he shop at Whole Foods?
Would he eat fried foods?
How many donuts
In the church basement?
And what would he bring
To the potluck?
Just wondering what he’d do
Where would Jesus drive thru?

About the poem:
I just went to the final class, having completed our seven day juice fast. Fasting was actually easier than regular eating and I feel great. One reason I wanted to try fasting was that most cultures seem to use fasting for physical and spiritual purification. Jesus, Mohammed and others are said to have used fasting. The fasting was all good.

It’s the many opinions about what to do with normal eating that is puzzling. For some, a strict eating plan works best. For others, a cycle of being strict 85% of the time, then indulging occasionally works well. What I learned in the class, was the idea to add fasting to your practice when your body needs healing.

Dr. Cropley kept saying thst life us a miracle and our bodies are miracles. Given that, what diet should a spiritual leader have? What do you eat?

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