Poem: In My Week

In my week
I have time to work
And time to play
Time to cook
Time to eat
Time to nap
Time to hustle
Time to sweat
Time to read
Time to run in the sun
Time to get shit done
Time to let things go
Time to move slow
Time to create
Time to clean up
Time to dawdle and doodle and wonder
Time to try something new
And walk side by side with you
Time to receive
Time to give
In My Week
I have time to live

About the poem:
I’m often tempted to work more and make some more moolah. But I so enjoy having the time to do random stuff. Lately, I’ve been working on updating my Tuning In to Inner Peace book (fixing some typos) and working on a new sustainabiity group: Sustainable Revolution Longmont. These are the things that add zing to my life. That, plus time for the regular deep joys of preparing food and eating it, hanging out with friends, dancing, etc.

Our schedules dictate our lives. If we don’t make time in our weeks for those precious moments we want in our lives, when will they happen? As the architect of your life, how’s your design? How’s your week?


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