Poem: Oh frogs, where do you go?

My friend is walking in Samcheonpo at night and asks can I hear the dear frogs. It’s Early morning here, but in my heart, I hear the frogs’ song: Gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i

Positive Energy Works - Joan Gregerson

2013-06-02 Looking for frogs (3)

As I fell asleep last night

I heard your song


You and your friends

A thousand voices strong


I woke up a bit later

You sang all night long


So, this afternoon I hopped on my bike

I wanted to say hello

But I couldn’t find you

Where do you go?

Do you bury yourself in the mud

So deep?

Do you hide in the ditches

And fall asleep?

I guess if I want to be with you

I should sleep now too

Then get up at dusk

And sing with your crew


2013-06-02 Looking for frogs (13)

About the poem:

Oh man, it feels great to fall asleep to the sound of frogs ‘singing’. As a kid in the US, I learned that frogs say “ribbit”, but here in Korea they are reported to say “gae-gool”. I tried to spot them today, but I couldn’t see one! (These two…

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