Refusing to be Grateful


Why be hungry
When a platter of fresh food is ready to be served
Why be angry
When a heart of love is reporting in every nerve

Refusing to be grateful
Is choosing to be hateful
Clawing through dank, oozy caves
When you could be sailing through the air

Refusing to be grateful is
Refusing to learn the one trick
That makes life a dream
The one trick
That makes you the winner

Profuse appreciation
Could turn your life around
The sound of sincere thank you’s
Could be a healing sound

Until then
Just notice
That today
You are
Refusing to be grateful
For the air
For the ground beneath your feet
For a few seconds on earth

That could all change
If you choose

About the poem:

I read a quote by Willie Nelson: My whole life turned around when I started counting my blessings.

It’s not childsplay or a silly child’s prayer.  I know, it seems too easy. It is easy and powerful. The question is never, can I think of something to be grateful for. The question is, am I choosing or refusing to be grateful.

It’s a trick like how to win at tic-tac-toe nearly every time (if you start). Easy!

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