Poem: Need Any Help?


Hey, are you okay?
Do you need a hand or a hug?
I’m here, my dear
Looks like you’re doing fine
But sweetie of mine
If that changes
Feel free to say
If you need any help
I’m here

About the poem:
Is this the most heartmelting scene! Grandpa is teaching his granddaughter to fish. This is a photo sent from my friend in Korea.

“Do you need any help?” This is a key sentence to use often. It fits right between not helping at all, and assuming someone needs your assistance and thus helping without asking. We codependents usually get into trouble when we insist on doing something to ‘fix’ someone else’s life, before asking if they even want our assistance. After ‘helping’ someone who didn’t want us to in the beginning, they usually don’t appreciate the intrusion, and we feel unappreciated, then resentful.

This simple sentence keeps us on track, helping where our help is wanted, and butting out when it’s not. Easy peezy.




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