Poem: 9 things i used to want (NaPoWriMo 7)


my own pony

a baby elephant

a unicorn

a princess dress

a castle

a prince

a hot fudge sundae

a box of thin mints

a twinkie



About the poem:

In this poem, I smiled to reflect on what I used to really care about. In a few years, I may look back and think the same about the me of this era too.

I’m teaching a class these days called “20 Things I want”. This is based on the book The Energy Cure by William Bengston where perfecting rapid cycling of 20 things you want is part of an energy healing process. I would love to test that out, but for now I’m lovin the exercise of committing in writing to 20 things I really want to happen. The rules are that the thing (experience or material thing that gives you an experience) has to be for yourself. And if you get it, take it off the list and add something else.

For example, if you want a fuel-efficient car that’s you own free and clear, you picture that. In my class we use index cards to write the key words and/or draw a picture. It’s actually surprisingly scary to write down some of my bigger dreams, and to explore why that is.

Have you tried this technique? What are 20 things you want? Or even 9 things you used to want?




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