A Mother’s Day Perspective: I Didn’t Ask to Be Born …or Did I?

Funny! I recently heard from my daughter that she remembers me crying once (maybe more!) on Mother’s Day …something about me saying I didn’t want anything and then I didn’t get anything then I cried. Oh how terrible! That’s exactly the way I remember it as a kid.

Throw all that out the window and just enjoy yourself, re-parenting yourself and others. Appreciate your mom for being a mere human, as you are. And our kids for reminding us who we truly are. And Happy Mother’s Day!

Positive Energy Works - Joan Gregerson

Let’s be honest. As a kid, Mother’s Day feels like a big, splatty serving of guilt pudding. Thank your mom for …everything. Your mom works so hard for you. She cooks and cleans and does your laundry. She packs your lunch and fixes your hair.

It’s not so much about thanking her, as apologizing to her for ruining her life.  Did it feel like this to you? You must ask forgiveness for being such a burden, to someone who does everything you can’t do for yourself.

I bristled at this. I felt like, Hey, I didn’t ask to be born!

When we brought home a puppy, we didn’t expect her to thank us for feeding and walking her, or picking up her poop in the yard. It was our choice. We picked her out at the pet store and brought her home. So, directly or indirectly, we chose to care…

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