Reich: We will save everything we love.

I first fell in love with Robert Reich while watching the movie, “Inequality for All”. Funny, because I had earlier fallen in love with an Economics Prof who was talking about the same thing. It’s just that when Robert Reich explained it in that movie, I finally got it.

I follow Robert Reich on Facebook and most days try to watch his “Resistance Report” videos. They’re a great way to get a recap of the highlights in what I call, America’s  Experiment in Tyranny.

In today’s episode, Robert Reich recommended a few resources:

  1. “1984”, book by George Orwell
  2. Originals of Totalitarianism, book by Hannah Arendt
  3., website by former congressional staffers on how to make Congress listen. Recommended as a resource for effective organizing


Mr. Reich ended his video today with these words:

“We will save everything we love about America. Do no despair. Have the faith. Keep the faith.”



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