Poem: A Tiny Wooden Table NaPoWriMo #06

A tiny wooden table

With a crocheted doily

That fit the round top

I took it home

After she died

I thought it would comfort me

When I cried

The book ends

From the petrified forest

Might have kept me grounded

When I swayed

But they didn’t

Nothing did

No thing did

Tropical bird

On exotic flowers

The gold framed painting

Had no magical powers


I didn’t sway

I didn’t cry


Nothing changed

Love doesn’t die


About the poem:

After watching the movie, “Minimalism” on Netflix, it helped motivate me to reassess what I really need.

I kept hearing these other voices in my head, “You really should have something of your mother’s. You really should have something of your father’s.”

Indeed I do. 23 chromosones from each and a heart filled with love.

Goodwill can have the stuff. I’ll get it later if I ever need a table, a doily, book ends or a painting.

For now, I have what I need.


“We as a culture have lost our minds.” – Minimalism Movie

About the poet:

Joan Gregerson has dabbled in Minimalism for quite awhile. From traveling by bicycle for 6 months in New Zealand and Australia, to traveling in Latin America with hubby, kids and backpacks, to living in studio apartment in South Korea, minimalism is liberation from the chains of accumulaconsumerism that threatens to swallow us whole. Joan is the host of the Nourish! Retreat in Grand Lake in August 2017Nourish! Retreat in Grand Lake in August 2017 and the creator of the program Food Freedom NaturallyFood Freedom Naturally.

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