Four on the Floor: Acting Like a Perfect Gymnast

Balance beam

For today’s post, please hop on over to the wonderful blog: Shit We Think of on Sunday. This blog is the creation of two talented sisters, by whom I’m lucky to be called mom. This post is on the topic of perfectionism, as part of the 29-Day Inner Peace Experience.

While I grew up goofing around in gymnastics, at one point I was on the A Team at East High School in Denver. And there I was, acting like a perfect gymnast.

Video: About the book “Tuning In to Inner Peace”

What was your first thought today? How are you feeling right now? I lived the first 40-some years of my life stressed out, then learned a new way to live. This is why I wrote the book “Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life”.

Join me as I talk about the book and why I’m passionate about sharing the message that we can all learn how to be peaceful, powerful people.

Never thought I’d have a Black Friday sale, but…FREE Kindle version

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Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life

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Worry-free Fridays! Pick up the Kindle version free on Fridays in November

Worry no longer!

The Kindle version of “Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life” is available for FREE every Friday in November 2012!

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About the book…

If you worry and agonize about the past or the future, you are missing the very joy of living. Most of us rush through life, ignoring our inner turmoil. But with a slight, deliberate shift of focus, you can break free of decades-old problems.

Through these 29 bite-size lessons, you’ll learn how to quickly end your internal battles.

Understand how your thoughts and words hold you back. Learn simple techniques with exercises that will make you a more powerful, peaceful, and joyful force in the world.

TUNE IN and experience the surprisingly fun way to transform your life!

We have a very short time on this planet

A friend contacted me today and asked me to meditate or pray. Her young relative fell into a coma one week ago and has not awoken. She is trying to get some good vibes going around the world for her. Let’s do that!

Let’s remember…

We have a very short time on the planet.

We will be fulfilled by being loving toward ourselves and others.

Tuning In to Inner Peace: This book helps you worry less

I received my first informal book review today from a friend by email:

“We started reading your book today. It is so wonderful. I’ve already had several random worries come into my mind today that I decided to dismiss. It feels good. Thanks!”

Yes! That’s exactly why I wrote the book. Woohoo! Thank you!

Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life

Now available on Amazon

Cover for book: Tuning In to Inner Peace

Tuning In to Inner Peace – Listen to chapters online

If you’d like to find out what my new book is about, how about listening to me read a chapter or two?
The chapters are posted online at my website at:

Your comments, questions, and insights are welcome!

Mindfulness Tip: Stand Tall

You can literally shake off worries about the past and hurrying into the future, by making a quick adjustment of your posture. Stand up straight and you’ll suddenly notice where you are and who and what are in front of you. Stand tall and take a refreshing break from your thoughts, anytime. (This also works if you’re sitting trying to meditate. Slouching will naturally lead to worry. Sit up and enjoy a few seconds of bliss.)


Beauty is Inner Peace!