Poem: This Morning, I Smiled #NaPoWriMo 20

Last night, I was happy when my head hit the pillow

This morning, I smiled when the sun hit my window

And I whistled as I started my day

Then people said what people will say

Then the inevitable challenges came my way

I laughed and said, Oh Hey!

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

I still haven’t learned this??


I will someday

Thank you

You relentless Way

Then I saw pain and horror

And I let it in

I held it tight

And let it be

And I took a small step

To make it right

I walked with a friend

We talked and then

It was night

And when I laid my head down

And turned off the light

I knew

That was a good day

And good days


A good life

I stretch and I yawn

And see another day gone

And I smile

As my head hits the pillow




About the poem:

Of all the things we learn, why aren’t we taught how to have a good life. Not how to chase a good life. Not how to make money or gain power. But how to have a single good day, every day, and thus, voila, a good life! (ps It requires no money, no special training, no friends, no good luck, no religion.)


About the poet:

Joan Gregerson is author of Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life.


Poem: Who Guides Me

I do not know the name
Of the one that guides me
I do know the game
Is always to surprise me
The light pull
Is delightful
I skip along beside
I go along for the ride
I change my plan
I hold the hand
Of the one
Who guides me

About the poem:
I used to be surprised when these strange coincidences happened. Now, I’m blessed with tiny miracles all day long.

Tonight, I had an urge to visit a coffee shop I’d not been to for a month. I recalled that the last time I was there, I overhead a nutritional counseling session. It was the husband this time,  after his wife and sister-in-law had worked with the counselor and cured longstanding health problems. That hour-long talk in my ear then inspired me to sign up for the juice fast, which got me off sugar, dairy and caffeine.

With gratitude remembering that fortuitous inspiration, I grabbed my stuff and went. Within 45 seconds of ordering my coffee, I smiled at the conversation that began unfolding. The barista had lived briefly in the same town I just returned from in Costa Rica. And as we talked, she said our story of traveling for a year inspired her to try again. And as we chatted more happy coincidences and helpful connections came to light.

Unlike religious folk, I am not compelled to name this force. It could be me. It could be a fly on the wall. It could be some divine force looking down on us. I like to think it is the us we are meant to be.

Poem: Saltwater Pillow

2013-11-29 Glenwood Springs Pool (23)

I’m floating on my bed
Saltwater pillow for my head
Supported, not sinking
Content, not thinking
Needing nothing
Content with everything

About the poem:
Today in Glenwood Springs, floating in the pool felt like such a blessing. I love the way the water is fully supporting, giving My body a reprieve from gravity. Ahhhh

When we feel that we are not supported, that we must magically be more than we are, it’s a scary world. But when we can identify, be thankful for and appreciate the support all around us, we can relax, do our best and enjoy the ride.

Poem: Catch a Rainbow

If a mosquito bite is making you itch
If whining about it is making you a bitch
Let it go
Let it go
It’s hard to catch a rainbow, holding onto the past

You wake this morning and see only fog
You close your eyes and begin to sob
Let it go
Let it go
It’s hard to catch a rainbow, when you’re not even here

If your well-laid future is not coming to pass
If constant complaining makes you a pain in the ass
Let it go
Let it go
It’s hard to catch a rainbow, when you won’t come back

If your eyes are wide open, and your heart is too
If your hands are resting open on your lap
It’s not hard to catch a rainbow
It will come to you
If you are open
You catch a rainbow
‘Cause the rainbow catches you

About the poem:
Remember, letting go of that which does not bring you higher ..the letting go is a choice. Not letting go is also a choice. Rerunning old stories, your bad habits or spending inordinate amounts of time with people who don’t inspire you… is there any of that that you can let go? Choose wisely!

Poem: Ready Anytime

I’m not one of those people
that’s worried about dyin;
I am ready anytime

And I’m not worried about livin’ either
If tomorrow, I wake up,
I’m gonna kiss the new day
And if I don’t wake up,
What’s the use of cryin’?

I’m not one of those people
That needs to ring the bell at the top of the rope
I like the feel of the rope
Trying to grip and pull myself up
I smile when I slip
And I like the view any old day
Each day a new angle

I’m ready anytime
I don’t fret that death will steal something
That I ain’t never owned
In the first place

The love I feel
Was here before me
And won’t pass away when I do

If I die tonight
Or I live to 120
I’ll feel the same
Blessed that I have lived plenty
I am ready anytime

Any given day
My taxes might not yet be done
And my dishes might be in the sink
My laundry might not yet be done
Nothing important is left undone
I have forgiven everybody for everything
Again today
Even myself
Especially myself

Ready anytime
Ready to live
Every day
Really live
Knowing one day
Will be my last

I am ready anytime
Ready to die
Ready to live

Poem: Generally Happy


God bless you
If your loved one is unhappy
Generally unhappy
The lonely unhappy
The after-the-party unhappy
The no-one-is-calling unhappy
The my-life-is-hard unhappy
The never-enough unhappy

May you somehow overcome the exhausting focus of trying to fix that all

May you find for yourself
The alone-but-not-lonely peace
The after-the-party gratitude
The no-one-is-calling quiet contentment
The my-life-is-good center
The always-enough serenity

May you learn your own way
May you find a way
To be
Generally happy

May you look with loving eyes on your loved one
May you accept her as she is
But still not give up hope
That one day
She too
May be
Generally happy

Poem: To Be Content


To be okay
With where I am
Doing what I’m doing

To feel okay
At the end of the day
Needing nothing more
Than what I have in this moment

To close my eyes
At the end of the day

To be content

About the poem:
Oh Dexter! What a teacher you are!

About the author:
Buy Joan’s books if you want to learn skills for being content from me. (Dexter has not yet written a book.)

Poem: Little bit of dissatisfaction

2013-09-17 Sunset - Dissatisfied

A lover’s
Little bit of unhappiness
Little bit of dissatisfaction
Is a tiring
Heavy burden
For the long haul

A lover’s
Little bit of cheeriness
Little bit of gratitude
Is an inspiring
Set of wings
For every dream

About the poem:
We all know to avoid becoming friends with someone who punches us in the face when we say hello. What we don’t often realize though is how by being sensitive to someone’s temperament, we can learn a lot. Someone who is generally a little bit dissatisfied with everything, is likely to feel that way about themselves and about you too. On the other hand, someone who is generally a little bit happy about whatever is happening today, likely feels that way about themselves and about you too.

This seems like a minor point, the difference between slightly unhappy and slightly cheery, but can make all the difference, especially in close relationships at work or home.

Homework: ask someone ten times: How are you?
Graph the results (okay, you don’t really have to graph them!) Is there a trend?


Poem: Just Happy

2013-09-29 Boulder County Views Mountains (4)

I’m just happy
To live here
I’m just happy
To have good work to do
I’m just happy
Thinking about my friends
I’m just happy
Thinking about my family
I’m just happy
When I look out the window
I’m just happy
When I step outside
I’m just happy
When I wake up in the morning
I’m just happy
When I turn out the light
I’m just happy

About the poem:
I’ve traveled around a lot, and changed jobs and homes a lot. It’s easy to arrive somewhere and be dissatisfied. In my experience, while some situations are better than others, in general, everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages. The ability to be just happy today is an art form worth perfecting.

So many people complain about their jobs, and every aspect of their lives. Let’s find jobs we love and enjoy our work and our lives.

It doesn’t mean that we might not choose something different for our future, but that’s another issue. To be just happy with your day is something people rarely do. Then their whole life passes by. Today, I’m just happy. How about you?

This is not a silly little thing. This is it.

Ok, and I’ll admit that today was so gorgeous, it was easy to love!

Poem: Plenty Good Enough

2013-08-12 Erie Playground (28)


Just having a little fun
Right now
Is plenty good enough
Right now


About the poem:
in our quest to optimize every moment, we risk ruining every moment. The ability to have a little fun, to be content with that, and to savor it, paves the way for a live well-lived.

I was thinking about this last week when I was babysitting. I began to wonder, is this good enough? Should we be doing something different, something more? But, I realized, that having a little fun is often good enough. And to be distracted about a multitude of options, takes my attention away from what we’re already doing, and changes my impact on those I’m with from peaceful to stressful. So, this poem is a reminder to myself and to us caregivers  to chillax and be present!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes books and blogs about tips for enjoying life. She shares tips that she didn’t know her first four decades of life, which made life seem more difficult than it really is.

Poem: No Stinkin’ If’s

2013-08-03 Red Rocks Saturday Morning (2)

If, if, if only
I ain’t awaitin’ on no stinkin’ if’s to come true
If’n I just wanna enjoy today

About the poem:

In Korea, I used to see many women hunched over at nearly a 90 degree angle with osteoporosis, I guess. I wondered, do they think, If only, I could walk upright …then my life would be great. As I walked by, upright.

But when I got closer to them, usually they already looked quite happy. So, maybe they weren’t waiting around for any if’s to come true either.

I went through much of life thinking I could be happy if only …I had something, did something, was somewhere else. These days, most days, today is just dandy with me. No stinkin if’s block the way.

The photo is of Red Rocks in Golden, Colorado with the classic blue, red and green of my Colorado home.







Poem: I’m Not Praying for a Better Day


I’m not praying for a better day
I’m not begging for forgiveness for yesterday
But I am sincerely thanking whomever or whatever
For today

About the poem:

I took this photo yesterday as I waited for the bus, on 12th & Broadway in my hometown of Denver. The church cross and the puffy clouds looked very heavenly!