Poem: Rolling in the grass #NaPoWriMo 24


Flinging open the patio door

A flash of fur

Asleep no more

Head and back and ears and taily

Arms and legs and nose and belly

Every part must get a rub

The lawn is better than a tub

After napping all morning

And sitting on my ass

I shake off being lonely

By rolling in the grass

Kick and squirm, arch and wriggle

Others watching may start to giggle

Your derision is unfounded

Every part of me is grounded

Instead of meditating on your ass

You could be like me

Rolling in the grass



About the poem:

My dog sittee was phenomenal at doing a minute-long roll in the grass when I let him out! I love teaching the technique of lying on the grass to get instantly grounded, when anxiety strikes. Who knew, ZingZing is a master!

Poem: Oreo

Silly ragamuffin
Black and white hair
Flopping over your blue eyes
Your warm sweet stare
Light and bright

Greeting me at the door
Wagging your tail
Every time
Without fail

Where are you now, Oreo?
Where did you go
Are you scampering
Among the streams
I’ll play fetch with you
In my dreams

About the poem:
I’m a dog person. I love the unabashed expression of love. Our dog Oreo was a mix, a mutt, and the love of our lives. No matter that she headed to doggy heaven 40 years ago. She’s still in my heart. Love’s like that. Love goes on.

Poem: Floppy, Shaggy Ears …a Haiku and ode to Peanut!

Peanut wpid-CAM00246-1.jpg

Floppy, shaggy ears
Such a sweetie, all those years
Sopping up our tears

About the poem:
Peanut! I got to hang out with this sweet doggie today, while doing some cooking and other little stuff. More than a comfort, her steadfast good nature brings a timeless quality to every situation. Just being near her while she is simply being herself makes me smile!

Poem: Puppy Wisdom NaPoWriMo 28 …just run up to her and befriend her!

Puppy Wisdom

After waiting months to run into her

You finally do


You say hi

Then open your door

Rushing to disappear

Hurrying to begin waiting again


Your puppy darts out

Runs to her

Paws at her

Jumps up on her

Forcing you to go to her

Talk to her

She is going for a walk

You say goodbye

And head back to your door


Your puppy

Runs after her

And into the elevator

Sits down beside her

A few laughs

More rushed words


She descends alone

Your puppy in your arms

You close the door behind you

Both of you now waiting…

Full-on puppy-style waiting

For her

For next time

About the poem

Sometimes I just write down a funny story a friend tells me. Like this one. Why be shy? Just run up to her and befriend her if you want to! In each step, we act out of love or fear. Choose love! It’s just more fun!

About the author:

Joan Gregerson hopes you will lighten up, give up worry and fear, and love like a puppy …with abandon and nothing to lose! She blogs and writes books about this. Her books are available on Amazon and Kindle. She is having a blast writing a poem a day for April National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo)!

Poem: Play It Cool …are you more of a puppy or a cat?

A poem from my book: With Open Arms: Poetry for Big Love and Real Life

When I become your friend, I want to do with gusto! Puppy-style! If you are a cat, I don’t know if we can work it out.

Cats are geniuses at "playing it cool". Me? Not so much!

Cats are geniuses at “playing it cool”. Me? Not so much!

Play It Cool

The fact that I met you

Means that I love you

I want to hang out

And talk with you

And walk with you

Do you want me

To act like

That’s not true

That! would be

Very hard

For me to do

I never learned


Or why

To play it cool