Poem: Our Earth Day aka Protecting the EPA #NaPoWriMo 23

Bicycle-powered tunes

Bubbles and balloons

Strollers and babies

Neighbors and newbies

Homeless and recovering

Lovely people lovering

LED lights

Vegan bites

Bees and butterflies

On cheeks and hands

Native flowers and

Dandelion lands

Climate action


Seed starting

Sensory gardening



Kite making tables

Composting bagels

Boxes for bees

Cards for refugees

Cloth and bags

Jewels and soap

Hand-made wonders

Full of hope

Biodiversity enriches wildlife

Diversity is my rich life

I speak for the trees

And the trees speak to me

Uniting the neighbors and the nations

Protecting the EPA

This and more

Was our Earth Day

Seeds were planted

In many a heart

Every oak tree

Comes from such

A tiny start

And every forest

Is made of lots of trees

From people like us

And days like these



About the poem:

As volunteer coordinator for the Congress Park Earth Day Festival, I was over the top happy to see 300-400 people loving Mother Earth, if only for a day. I know it’s a start.


Poem: Celebrate the Earth …looking for meaningful Earth Day events

2013-03-29 11.46.33

I don’t want to clean up downtown
Or pick up cigarette butts
To be rewarded with a t-shirt and donuts

I don’t want to buy peeps and jelly beans
And plastic grass and foil-wrapped things
I want to revel in
Crocuses and spring
I want to celebrate an awakening!

I don’t want to drive 30 minutes
To be eco-friendly in Boulder
I want to celebrate the earth
Right here, beneath my feet

I want to be powered by the sun
The way plants are
I want to be in sync with the moon’s phase
And flow like the waves

I want to know how to nourish myself
The way nature takes care of herself
To leave behind me a sparkling place
With my belonging to her written on my face

Save the stickers and the cookies
For some other time, like never
There are ways to celebrate
Beyond the habits of sugar and shiny pink things
That we use for an instant then throw away

As for me
I want to celebrate
By becoming her student
By learning her secrets
By sitting at her feet

Before it’s too late
Let’s celebrate

About the poem:
Just trying to find some meaningful Earth Day celebrations in Longmont.


Your ideas wanted! 100 Ways to Celebrate Earth Week in Longmont (around Apr 22)

Do you have ideas for how to celebrate this lovely place we call home?

Earth Day is April 22, 2014

My new group, Sustainable Revolution Longmont, is working to develop a list of “100 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Longmont”

What would you suggest? Books, movies, activities, anything!