Poem: Rolling in the grass #NaPoWriMo 24


Flinging open the patio door

A flash of fur

Asleep no more

Head and back and ears and taily

Arms and legs and nose and belly

Every part must get a rub

The lawn is better than a tub

After napping all morning

And sitting on my ass

I shake off being lonely

By rolling in the grass

Kick and squirm, arch and wriggle

Others watching may start to giggle

Your derision is unfounded

Every part of me is grounded

Instead of meditating on your ass

You could be like me

Rolling in the grass



About the poem:

My dog sittee was phenomenal at doing a minute-long roll in the grass when I let him out! I love teaching the technique of lying on the grass to get instantly grounded, when anxiety strikes. Who knew, ZingZing is a master!

Poem: Crack in the Forcefield

Woop Woop
Captain, we’ve been hit!
Good juju levels are dropping
Dangerously low!

Status report?

Encountered a negativity storm
We had a crack in the forcefield
Losing power fast!

Oh, my bad
Let me fix that
No emergency here

About the poem:
As we move through our days, not everyone is a warm-hearted encouraging presence. Those that aren’t are doing their best, so we don’t need to get mad at them. But, we don’t have to plummet to that level either.

One purpose of meditation is to ensure that you are solidly grounded, and that your forcefield is in tact. That means that if you are around negative people or in negative situations, you don’t also become negative. The best course of action is prevention. But sometimes, we are surprised and suddenly feel that we were hit. The only danger is that you get swooped up in negativity, then spread it to everyone you meet the rest of the day.

When you get knocked off balance, just take time to get yourself centered and peaceful again. This may require canceling a meeting or an appointment, or just taking a few minutes to yourself before you continue on. Sit on the ground for a few minutes. Gaze at the sky. Walk in nature. Or find a few minutes of stillness however you can. That way, any unfolding emergency is quickly nipped in the bud. False alarm.